The Trustees wish to record basic guidelines which will be applied by them when determining the award of grants from the Trust and have agreed that the following outline criteria will be applied. The Trustees do however wish to record that the awarding of grants is entirely within their discretion and accordingly, if considered appropriate, awards may be made which do not fall precisely within these guidelines.

The guidelines are as follows:-

  1. The Trustees principal objective is to support charitable organisations whose purpose is to alleviate poverty and social deprivation with particular emphasis on children’s and women’s issues. All charities should be registered with the relevant national charity commission or equivalent body.

  2. The Trustees are prepared to support a charity by way of regular annual payments but only in exceptional circumstances would grants exceed three years. In addition, even if the activities of a charity appear to fall within the guidelines this does not automatically mean that it will receive a grant. All grants are at the discretion of the Trustees.

  3. The Trustees will as and when appropriate, support disaster appeals but will not support applications from individuals who are seeking assistance, for a specific project or charitable work which that individual may be carrying out, or to relieve a need due to illness or similar circumstances.


The Volant Charitable Trust was established by J. K. Rowling by Deed of Trust dated 7th and registered in the Books of Council and Session on 14th both November 2000. The Trust is a general Charitable Trust which may provide benefit for such purposes, objects or institutions regarded as charitable in law without any geographic restriction.

The next deadline for Volant Grant Application Forms is for the Trustees' meeting in
September 2016 and is
Friday 24th June 2016.